Doctors on Demand

Today’s world that is heavily dominated by the idea of everything-on-demand, having access to whatever you want from wherever you want. This can be seen in online services like Netflix and Apple Music as well as in mobile applications such as Uber and even in food services like Domino’s online ordering for delivery. Everything is just a click away, and now your doctor can be too.

A public health care physician in London, England has created an app that allows you to order a general practitioner on demand, called GPDQ or general practitioner delivered quick. The app launched last Fall with its service targeting central London with plans for expansion across the United Kingdom not far behind.

Dr. Anshumen Bhagat founded the app in order to relieve some of the pressure on the public health system as it “simply cannot cope anymore”. He hopes it will help to deal with the long wait times, short visits and overworked doctors which unfortunately characterizes  today’s public system.

The app works like an Uber for doctors, you register as a member and within a few clicks you’ll have a certified physician arriving at your door within ninety minutes. There are doctors on call all year round from 8 a.m. to 11 p.m. and you are guaranteed to have at least 25 minutes of their time. Additionally the GPDQ doctors can issue a private prescription that will be delivered to your residence within 2 hours.

With our pathetically slow and lagging health care system here in Canada, perhaps we could take a page from the UK or even the US where similar apps are slowly popping up.

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